Exception to the French adjective conjugation

Exception to the French adjective conjugation

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Although a majority of the adjectives in French tend to behave around certain nouns, there is always an exception when it comes to the grammar rule in French. There tend to be some endings which change form as per the gender of the noun.

Feminine adjectives which are irregular in French

It refers to the adjectives which end in eux changing to euse

• A happy man – un home heureux
• A happy woman – une femme heureuse

Adjectives ending in e- ending up with an e

• An annoyed man – une home enerve
• An annoyed woman – une feme enervee

Adjectives that end with –er changing to –ere

• A dear man – un home cher
• A dear woman – une femme chere

Adjectives that end in –f changing to –ve

• Creative man – un home creative
• A creative woman – une femme creative

Adjectives which end in a silent e don’t end up changing

• A sick man – un home malade
• A sick woman – une femme malade

Irregular plural adjectives in the French language

Adjectives which end in –s and –x don’t end up changing

• A grey hat – un chapeau gris
• Two grey hats – deux chapeaux gris
• He is old – il estvieux
• They are old – ilssontvieux

Adjectives which end in eau normally utilize –x in their plural form

• A new train – un nouveau train
• Two new trains – deux nouveaux trains

French irregular adjectives list

There are exceptions at times when talking about the French grammar and it is something that also applies to the adjectives. The adjectives are known to be unbound and irregular by the rules. When you are trying to conjugate them from feminine to masculine, you have to ensure that you watch out for them. with that, you will have a flow of the adjectives which will make your French learning to be smooth. Mastering them is simple